Bank certificate of company's operation since 1996.
Bank certificate of company’s operation since 1996.

Taj Computers & Informatics is a distributed consortium of dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts, e-Commerce Website Developers and Web Design Professionals in ‘The City Beautiful’ – Chandigarh since 1996. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise on ‘WWW‘ we ensure that your communication and transaction on the Internet is more effective, productive and useful. We deliver top quality of web service through appropriate contents, precise Internet tools and professional skills to make your business reach far and wider international markets.

Our services leverage deep domain expertise in the industry, technical expertise in leading Internet technologies and a cost-effective global online solutions delivery model. Services are provided under the aegis of our communications and e-business practices. We have been extending creative and cost-effective services to the International markets for over 18 years now.

At our website ( you can shop for an array of web based services and development support, which also include consultation and maintenance. With an excellent track record in the international market and our deep presence in the domestic market is equally laudable.

Taj Computers & Informatics is a registered member with various government institutions in India like Computer Society of India (CSI), Punjab Haryana Delhi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PHDCCI) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) that reflects our sincere commitment to deliver top quality web and software services to our global clients. Such highly reputed public sector institutions broadens-up our vision towards our local and international market trends.


Formation of Taj Computers & Informatics

You may find this little story interesting.

Membership Certificate of Chamber of Commerce
Membership Certificate – PHDCCI

Just after my post graduation I started working as a ‘System Analyst‘ with a multi-national organization - PCP International Limited, Chandigarh. However my childhood love for ‘electronics‘ and ‘computer hardware‘ always fascinated me (even till date). My crazy and blind love towards electronics and computer hardware took me to some un-chartered waters in my life.

It was when a friend of mine (Arun) approached me and asked if I could assemble ‘Personal Computers‘. With no prior experience of whatsoever in assembling a personal computer I still said yes!

The very next day Arun took me to a company of his brother-in-law ‘Agro Planters Pvt. Ltd. in Sector 34, Chandigarh’. I was asked by the MD if I could deliver them 26 pieces of 486DX2 machines. Without hesitating for a second, I said yes! The MD of the company asked me if I needed any advance. I said yes! After few more technical questions and some further words of persuasion from my side he agreed to pay me advance. He asked me on what name the cheque be issued? With very limited business sense I told him to issue it on my name. He was shocked and said – ‘What? I cannot issue any cheque on your personal name, it has to be in favour of some company!‘ Within split second I back-tracked and said, ‘then please issue it on the name of my company – Taj Computers‘. That was it, he issued a cheque in the name of Taj Computers and gave it to me.

It was like a dream come true – but, now what? I had a cheque in the name Taj Computers with practically no bank account. As over-excited adrenaline calmed down, I panicked – however my friend Arun and few other valuable people helped me open a Taj Computers bank account. That is how Taj Computers was formed.


First website design project

We are Certified SEO and Software Development Company
Certified SEO and Software Development Company

I was actually happy with my job (at PCP International Limited) and part time assembling of PCs for the individuals and small private sector companies. As a cherry on top, I wrote regular articles on computer technology like Virtual reality, Internet Programming, Operating Systems and Networking for various national newspapers and magazines, like ‘The Tribune’, ‘The Times of India’, ‘Indian Express’ and ‘PC Magazine’ etc.

Actually, I was fascinated by Java, DHTML, WYSIWYG Editors, manipulating contents to rank better and wrote a lot about them during late 90s and early 2000s. This attraction of mine towards the niche subjects like Java and DHTML (at that time) inspired me to design my own website by the end of 1998.

My first hand experience of designing my own website was not that bad! My earlier website was developed using simple HTML, small GIF animations and a trademark background music (that was embedded in a static frame). It looked remarkably decent by earlier standards.

Immediately after my marriage in October 1998, one of my father’s closest friend Mr. Ajit Himlai (Chairman, Oman Chemical Co. LLC., Muscat, Oman) asked me to design a website for his company ( I did it very nicely using the earliest version of free WYSIWYG editor – ‘Microsoft Frontpage’ (that came bundled with Windows) and added some fancy stuff to his website, like GIF animations, background music (that I copied from Princess Diana’s website) and rotating logo etc. The website looked good, but NOT professional!

As Mr. Himlai was father’s very close friend, so he never complained. He paid me nicely for my design work. This project was a steep learning curve for me. My sincere thanks to Mr. Himlai.

With an international website like under my belt and I was ready to take on any other assignment. As more and more projects came my way, I mastered every possible techniques to make attractive, interactive, efficient, search engine friendly and data-base driven websites.

Finally, I had to rename ‘Taj Computers‘ to ‘Taj Computers & Informatics‘.

Till recently (2012) I was working as an ad-hoc IT consultant to the World Bank for their Middle Eastern and North African tech assignments. Though consultancy job with WB was very interesting and required too much of traveling across the globe, I regret that I could not devote my time to my own company – Taj Computers & Informatics. As the old saying goes – it is no point crying over split milk. :)

One thing that made me stand-out within this rat-race of web-designing is my sincere commitment towards my existing clients and to render class leading support even when I was travelling so extensively across the globe. I always strive to give my clients my full support and keep their web presence up-to-date and very competitive.


Experts at the helm of Taj Computers & Informatics:

Mr. TMS Virdi (CEO)

BS. Computer Science’94 – Cyprus College (Cyprus),
MS. Computer Science’96 – University of New Haven (USA),
Freelance columnist for The Tribune, Indian Express, PC Magazine, E-commerce Magazine,
Writer: Laws of JAVA | Advisor: Mehar Baba Charitable Trust Computer Centre,
Consultant: PCP International Limited, WB IT Investments in the Middle East and North Africa,
Email: tmsvirdi [at]


Mr. Randhir Singh Shura (Regional Director)

BCA, MCA (Jabalpur) Jabalpur, MP, India,
Email: randhir [at]


Our ExpertiseWe specialize in the following technologies:

  • PHP Application Development
  • Customising PHP Platform Websites
  • Ajax Frameworks: Jquery, Prototype
  • Open Source CMS Platforms:
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
  • ECommerce:
    • OpenCart
    • Magento
  • Databases: MySQL 5.x