‘Designed by’, ‘Developed by’ Footer Links and Ethics

designed-byThis little article is on a ‘bad practice’ followed by some of the web designers around the world. Particularly in India it is a very common practice by the website designers to add their own name with a back-link to their own website at the bottom (footer) of nearly every website they create.

Let’s see this irritating issue in more depth as an example. You have asked some website designer in Chandigarh or Mohali to design and develop a website for you or your company. As a responsible client you paid him all dues and in return he gave you a very beautiful customized website. You seem to be happy with the overall work of your website designer. But there is something that should bother you – “The name of the website designer at the bottom (footer) of your website”.

Ask yourself a few questions. Why would you want to promote the website designer through your website?  He is not your family member. He is not your friend. He not your boss either. So why would you want to have them promoted through your website? Did he give you any discount for posting his name on your website? If ‘NOT’ then they do not have any right to put their own name at the footer of your website.

Generally a website designer puts his name at the footer of your website as following:

  1. Website Designed by In….
  2. Developed by In….
  3. Powered by In….
  4. Designed by Developed by In….
  5. Or their logo

For the sake of example, would you allow the builder of your house to put his name right below your name in front of your house? Certainly not! So how come these website designer escape such petty crimes? I have even seen the graphic designers in Chandigarh doing the same thing on the printed Wedding and Visiting Cards! Now that is a serious issue.

Anyway, why do these website designers and developers do such things? To be very frank they are very well aware of their wrong doings.

Following are some of the reasons as why they do such practices:

  1. Client is not aware of his cyber rights
  2. To gain more customers through these links
  3. To get better ranking for their own websites on various search engines


I am happy that Google, Bing and Yandex are not taking these links at the footer into consideration for ranking any website. This however do not change the fundamental fact that these links should not be there at the first place.

What should be allowed and how?

  • If website designer gives you a discount for keeping their website link on your website, then why not!
  • A website designer should be allowed to keep their own links as a comment in HTML. These comments are not visible to any regular visitor so no credit is given to the website designer right away.
    <!–  Designed by Taj Computers & Informatics – http://www.netup.in  –>


I am not against website designers in Chandigarh or Mohali, it’s that they should be very open to customers. They cannot keep this as a default for every website they design. If you see their back-link on your website, then don’t feel shy, ask for a discount or a complete removal!

Not everybody in Chandigarh is as transparent as Taj Computers & Informatics. We have clearly specified this back-link policy here.

3 Responses

  1. Dinesh Sharma

    True and we all are culprit in this. We are delhi based company and we also tend to pass the insentive to the clients. But your article reads well.

    Thank you

  2. Lucy Orloski

    Great points. I would surely implement these tips to my website. Thanks for sharing.

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