Does Google care about unique images?

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Google is constantly updating its search algorithms (like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) and coming up with their new updates on a regular basis. These updates come like a nightmare for some websites and bring rewards for some in terms of Search Engine Ranking (SER). However, I think these search algorithms of Google are still very far from being termed as perfect.

Google may have improved its sniffing prowess for text based contents, however it lacks in searching through really unique images. It is a well known fact that search engines are visually impaired and rely very heavily on the contents in the ALT text. I have seen local SEO professionals exploiting this loop hole to some degree to rank plagiarized images higher on search results.

It looks apparent that Google is giving more weight to the images with white (or light) backgrounds. This is to successfully scan and understand the graphic contents of an image. I am not sure how successful Google is in doing it. By doing this, I feel it is losing some important and really unique images (with darker background) from being ranked higher. These images I think are deprived from their real search engine ranking.

Just to highlight this apparent flaw (according to me) in these algorithms I tried to search the following local query. In the Google search box I entered a phrase ‘SEO Company in Chandigarh’ and came up with the following search result for the images.

Flaw in Google Search
Flaw in Google search. These images appear on top in the local search results.

None of the images in this screen shot are unique in any way. Nearly all these images are plagiarized from different sources. How come Google levitate such websites or even such images which are copied from the original source? On the other hand, search image results of Yahoo and Bing are much more guarded. They have given weight to any type of graphic creativity even on the plagiarized images.

I think Google should think about tweaking its search algorithms for images a little bit more to give much more unique results. Any image or graphic illustration that is completely copied from the original source should not find any place at the top of the SER (even on the local search results).

I know Google search algorithms are still evolving however they should seriously improve their digital image forensic analysis routines to give more unique and better image search results.

“This article is based on my observation and is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.” 

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  1. SM Sinha

    It is a sarcastic article where you have highlighted some good points though. Yes, you are true that google or yahoo sometime miss some important or unique images, but that do not mean that they completely ignore it.

    Your article is unique and I am impressed that you raised this issue. Just for your reference, one of the image in your screenshot belong to my website… Ha Ha.

    India a heaven for black hat SEO, this is normal for us. :) But, we are still improving.

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