Penguin Recovery Services In India – Procedure

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Penguin Recovery Service in India
Penguin Recovery Service in India

Complete customized Penguin Recovery Services in India. If you are having trouble recovering your website from the Penguin Peck, then call us now. We will handle your contents, websites and links to make it visitor and search engine friendly.

We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest on Penguin 2.0 Update to render efficient and result oriented recovery services. From detoxifying the link profile of your website to identifying any other complex reasons that led to a drop in ranking of your website.

We will follow all the white-hat practices and recovery procedure to erase all the dark spots and remove bad links that may have caused a serious drop in your rankings.

We professionally compile a comprehensive list of all links pointing to your domain and meticulously check each domain (URL) to see if it conforms to the guidelines laid down by the Google. On behalf of you, we will contact various web-administrators to remove the unnatural links.

We follow the following Google Penguin Recovery Procedure:

Step No. 1:

We extract fresh index of top external links.

Step No. 2 :

We ensure to manually check and verify each domain and backlink for the followings:

  • HTTP Status of the Source Website (URL)
    We carefully check the source URL, if it is damaging then we take the necessary steps to burry it and if the source URL is not live then it is ignored.
  • Do-Follow and No-Follow
    We cross-check all the Do-follow and No-Follow links to your website.  Once we are sure that it is a No-Follow link, then it is ignored.
  • Anchor Text
    We carefully make sure that the Anchor Texts are Unique and conforms to Google Recommendations.
  • Site-wide Links
    We ensure that only legitimate internal links with No-Follow are entertained.
  • Reciprocal Links
    We meticulously test and verify each and every Reciprocal Link to ensure that it is legitimate and conform to the guidelines set by various Search Engines.
  • Paid Links
    This was one of the most preferred ways to promote your website on various search engines, particularly on Google. We ensure that all these paid links are either removed, buried or marked as no-follow.
  • Bad Neighborhoods
    Bad Neighborhood Links pulls your website down. We ensure that these links are carefully identified and are either removed or buried.
  • Low Citation Flow Links
    Instead of Low Citation Flow Links, we ensure that your Links are of Trust Flow Type. This is a major step to boost your site ranking.
Step No. 3 :

Bad External Links
Based on the recommendation by top of the line SEO experts around the globe, we contact webmasters to remove bad external links.

Step No. 4 :

Disavow Bad Links
Once we have manually cleaned up all the external and internal links to your website and still notice some spammy links pointing to your website, we resort to Disavow the remaining bad external links via Google Webmaster Tools.


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