SABZIWALA.CO.IN – The art of stealing ‘Design and Development’ credit for a website in Chandigarh

Design and development credit of robbed.

Plagiarism or act of stealing someone’s work is considered as an art by some of the website designers and developers in India. In the West or in Europe it is considered as a serious crime. Inkweb Solutions (Chandigarh) is one such company that fits perfectly in this category. They probably have a habit of bluntly putting their name on the work of someone else. is one such case. This website ( was designed and developed by us in 2012 – with all the contents researched and optimized for better performance on various search engines.

Until October 2016 this website was hosted and maintained by us, and it was then the owner of the website decided to shift this website to a much cheaper server as our hosting and maintenance charges appeared to be little on the higher side to him. Fair enough. As a professional, we immediately handed over the controls of the website (control panel and domain transfer key) to the owner. The owner of then shared all the controls with this so called professional company – Inkweb Solutions in Chandigarh who hosted the same website on their (own) server on as-it-is bases. The only thing that changed in the website was the name of the developer from Taj Computers to Inkweb Solutions! Isn’t that plagiarism or stealing of someone’s work? This act clearly gives a little glimpse of how they might be developing their portfolio. Am I being sarcastic here? Obviously - YES!

It is a real possibility that they might change/delete the credit line at the footer of the front page after reading this article. I did not wanted to put them on any notice here as it was a deliberate act by them. A company of such pedigree should be well aware of the basic web designing and development ethics. The rules are simple and clear; you just cannot steal someone’s work just like that. Who gave them the authority to scrap our name from the footer of the website? Certainly not the client. All the potential clients who will come to Inkweb Solutions because of this website in their portfolio should read  this article before taking any decision. Also, how many other websites designed and developed by them through this procedure is anybody’s wild guess! So my advice to all would be to proceed with caution.

With this small article I just wanted to highlight that the art of plagiarism or stealing someone’s work is not only confined to small developers – but many big companies are also involved in it and that too without any shame!


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