Selecting a web designer in Chandigarh

Selecting a right web designer in Chandigarh
Selecting a right web designer in Chandigarh

Selecting a web designer in Chandigarh doesn’t have to be a difficult job. However, in Chandigarh alone, there are hundreds of so called web designers that will make your job difficult to select a right web designer. Every friend of your will be knowing some or the other web designer. True? You might even hear from them saying, “My cousin is a web designer” or “My daughter built a website before” or “My dog is a web designer” etc. etc.

The problem with asking friends and family is, it is highly likely that they know someone that is very close to them whom they believe is qualified, and because of this, you fee obligated to give them the opportunity to build your website. Believe me, most of the time this is a very bad idea!!

In Chandigarh, every single person who has done a diploma in web designing is a web designer. It’s a fact! Without any real practical experience in web designing, they consider themselves to be good enough to design a website. During the last few years, Chandigarh has seen a very rapid growth of such web designers. The rapid mushrooming of such a breed of web designers has significantly dented the business of professional web designers. This is because, they are charging un-reasonably rock bottom prices, which is not viable for any decent web professional. That’s another fact! If you were to take my advice, AVOID THEM!

Why to avoid such web designers?

First, they are in-experienced. Second, they are not trust worthy. Third, they will not sign any contract with you. Finally, once they find a good job, it’s very likely that they might abandon your website or might not be in a position to update it for you on a regular basis. They are free birds; they will not bother about the suffering of your business. I have seen 100s of clients, mostly from Punjab and Haryana suffering because of such web designers!

How to select a right web designer?

There are basically three ways to find a web designer:

  1. Word of Mouth
    Ask your friend who has already had a great experience with a web designer can be a great resource. Sending an email to your friend and family for a referral is a great way to start.
  2. Search Local
    Search using Google! It is a very very powerful tool to locate anybody and anything. To conduct a search, type “web designer Chandigarh” or “Affordable web designer Chandigarh” or “Ecommerce Chandigarh” etc… Though many businesses are still not listed, but I am pretty sure if you are looking for a web designer, he will surely be on the Google.
  3. Remote Search
    You can search for a web designer in websites like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk etc. There are many web designers in these websites. However, please be warned there are also so called professionals who charge rock bottom prices, so avoid them. They are there to spoil the market of others, and are not worth!

How to validate the credential of a web designer?

They may say whatever. They may show you dozens of websites that they have designed. But, the fact always remains the same, if their creations are developing high traffic for their clients; the website designer is a good one!

You can check their creations or their own website by logging onto or www, This is a great way to know if they are true in their portfolio!

Some good web designers in Chandigarh

    1. I consider myself to be a good web designer with over 18 years of web experience and 19 years of IT experience – So me first! You can always call me at +91-9878-597-580.
    2. Pugmarks – They are truly reliable people!
    3. CP India – Computer Professional! – Thoroughly professional people!
    4. Cibol – A great name to trust!

Once you have selected a web designer, trust him!

Web designing is very subjective. So, I recommend that you trust your web designer. I have seen many clients poking too much in web design process that they end up creating a mess rather than a soothing website! Generally speaking, a web designer knows the visitor’s pulse.

For you, I recommend that before your web designer start your website, let him know about a couple of websites that you like, so that he can think on those lines from the very beginning.

Good Luck Friends!

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