Tips to handle a web design inquiry


Tips to design inqury

Following are the practical tips that I use to perfection to secure web design orders.

  1. Know what you are talking about and be confident.
  2. Be AHEAD of the client in everything.
  3. Stick to your price and do not bargain for your services.
  4. Do not justify your rates – He/She came to you for an obvious reason.
  5. Listen to your client very carefully about his design concept, and then explain him nicely why his/her idea is a crap.
  6. YOU ARE THE BOSS! Tell the client what he needs and not what he wants.
  7. Look at good design ONLY, you will design good.
  8. Strive to be a trend setter and NOT a trend follower.
  9. Know the religion and culture of the client – This is a Must!
  10. Know and charge your worth then accept what you get with a smile.

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