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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as per what I teach / practice is a process to meticulously maneuver, develop and alter the contents by performing on-page and off-page activities in such a way that the ‘target’ website appears on a search engine at an optimum level for a given keyword organically. We have a proven track-record of over 9 years of rendering the flawless SEO services in Chandigarh (tri-city), India. We are among the leaders in India in delivering class leading content centric True SEO services.

Fundamentals of SEO has changed dramatically during the last few years with the introduction of very sensitive, strict and ‘neutral to all’ algorithms like Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird by the leading search engine – ‘Google‘. Today it is much more imperative to present excellent contents that are unique, up-to-date, interesting, dynamic and fast to download for your website visitors. A website should be optimized for the visitors and certainly not to impress the search engines. The better the contents, the better are the chances to rank higher.

We keep a very close eye on the latest happenings in the world of Google, Yahoo, Bing and various other search engines like MSN, Altavisa, HotFrog, Aol etc. to ensure that we are up-to-date with all the algorithmic changes introduced by them periodically. The ability to keep ourselves updated on a daily basis has helped us give the best SEO services in North India and we are proud of it. For the last 9 years, none of our client has ever asked to stop our SEO services for them.

In addition to what I just said, ‘the structure’ of a website also plays a significant role in determining its overall ranking on a particular search engine. A website should have a structural hierarchy which should be easy for the visitor to navigate and fluidic enough for the search engines to traverse each and every page with ease.

Taj ComputerClick here for SEO price packagess & Informatics specializes in ‘TRUE SEO’, where we put more emphasis on ‘Content Development and Marketing’ rather than traditional SEO efforts. Since 1997 we have been developing search engine friendly websites; and for the last 6 years we have streamlined our SEO efforts to more on ‘True SEO’ where much of our focus is on improving the quality of the contents in your website and to make them dynamic/ interactive with the visitors. Today it is the only practical way of a genuine Search Engine Optimization.

There are many so called SEO professionals who claim to offer guaranteed first page ranking. Please be warned, there is absolutely NO shortcut to a TRUE SEO. Careful long term planning, properly laid out strategy, sheer dedication, a clearly defined path and lot of patience is required to attain a good sustainable search engine ranking (SER) for any given keyword(s).

Negative SEO and Online Reputation Management:

Companies and individuals regularly approach to us with a ‘serious’ issue that Google demoted their website and they do not understand why? Most of the time it is obvious that they had asked somebody to perform SEO on their website and that fellow did something drastically wrong somewhere, like resorted to Black Hat SEO Tactics to instantly boost their website ranking. These type of dirty SEO tactics used to work earlier and NOT now (even we used such tactics earlier because they used to work then!).

Open hand represents Chandigarh and we represent best SEO services in Chandigarh
Open hand represents Chandigarh and we represent best SEO services in Chandigarh

Today, Google has become smarter, faster, neutral and more visitor friendly. Google is now armed with very reliable sniffer algorithms like Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird. If you try too much to impress Google in a very short period of time than you are inviting and un-friendly response from the Google. A word of advice, don’t try to impress Google or Yahoo, just try to impress the visitors.

Once your website is penalized by Google it will be flagged and demoted immediately with no prior warnings. Result: Your website will not show up anywhere on the top pages of Google. At this stage a client becomes helpless and feels cheated by his reliable SEO professional. Believe me, it is not a good feeling for the website owner.

We take negative SEO issue very seriously and assure to our clients of rendering only White Hat SEO Tactics to improve their website visibility on various search engines equally (not only Google specific). We do not Spam and do not opt for in-organic SEO (paid for links) tactics (as they are often labeled as Black-Hat tactics).

Another issue that haunt companies and individuals alike is the tarnish of their online reputation. Just for the sake of example, you are getting married in a few months time and someone Google your name and find obnoxious contents about you. Can you imagine the impact of these deliberate or accidental remarks on your marriage? Another prime example would be some old/obsolete legal law-suit against your firm always showing up on the first page of Google. It also may seriously dent your market credibility.

To combat such serious issues we render our class leading and the best in India Online Reputation Management Service often known as ORMS. Call us immediately if you notice something fishy on the first page of Google search results about you or about your company as it may only be the tip of the ice-berg. The earlier you report to us, the better are the chances to combat this threat at a rapid pace. Having said this, 99% of our clients seek our ORM service when the damage has been done to the core. You may end up loosing your online reputation permanently, so seek our ORM service now!

Ethics of Online Reputation Management:

ethical-online-reputation-management-company-in-indiaThe primary objective of ORM is to quell the negative search results (on various search engines) in favour of positive ones. The positives are often content that the service itself creates for your business or brand, or even you as an individual. It is done by promoting positive and interesting contents (on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing) using organic SEO tactics so that the visitors are lured to the site using those contents. So it has a lot to play around with the ethics of what to show and what to hide.

We are professionals in rendering Online Reputation Management Service and meticulously work on the gray areas of ethics on a regular basis. It is a challenging job and we consider all the legalities before taking up any ORM assignment. Some points we may consider:

    • Is it ethical to subdue the genuine negative feedback by a dissatisfied customer about a company on the net?
    • Is it ethical to subdue an old lawsuit?
    • Is it ethical to subdue the negative feedback from a dissatisfied employee? and so forth…

A good example would be to understand, if it is ethical to use our expertise to manipulate the online contents using SEO to subdue the genuine feedback on the wrong doings of a hospital (like Female Feticide etc.) – Clearly, such a work falls under un-ethical practice and we do NOT take such assignments.

ORM service is ideal for all those who are attacked deliberately by Negative Reputation Bombs or by someone who is suffering from an accidental publish of some wrong reviews. Think about Taj Computers & Informatics if you really need the best SEO and Online Reputation Management service in India. We are here to help.

Our SEO Case Studies: Credibility Proof





Why do you need SEO?

Wow. I used up the entire page explaining our SEO services without even a single sentence on why you should opt for SEO service for your website. On the other hand I thought, if you are already on this page, then probably you already know a little about SEO. Anyways, following are some of the key points as why you should opt for SEO service for your website:

    • Optimal User Experience: To give your website visitor a friendliest, fastest and best experience possible.
    • Optimal Reach: To ensure that your website is reached to the maximum possible global audience.
    • Optimal Potential Customer: You will not have to shout and scream to attract the attention of customers. Your website will do it.
    • Optimal Insight into Your Customers: It is a great way to extract and understand valuable information of your website visitors helps in ROI.
    • Optimal Exposure of Brand Awareness: It is the best way to give your company or product a Brand image.

What do we do in SEO?

We offer best content centric SEO
We offer best content centric SEO

We never wanted to throw these SEO jargons here since you might not be familiar with them. Ironically, in this crazy web world such jargon are unavoidable – So here I go:

We render following services in our proprietary White Hat SEO Packages:

    • Comprehensive website analysis
    • Keyword analysis
    • Competition Analysis
    • Brand Building
    • Content Improvement and development (Text and Infographics)
    • Meta tag creation and implementation
    • Creation of different anchor text links
    • Creation of robots.txt
    • Creation of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster account
    • Google sitemap generation and submission
    • Manual directory submissions to top PR directories ONLY!
    • Article writing on various subjects
    • Press release writing and submissions
    • Social bookmarking
    • Video submissions (Videos to be provided by the client)
    • Reciprocal and one-way dofollow links to similar sites
    • Classified submissions
    • Periodic SEO reports and feedback
    • Online Reputation Management Services (on request)

Click here for our SEO Price Package and Details (one of the best in SEO Industry)


SEO Case Study:



Specialization: Manufacturing of Centralized Lubrication Systems

SEO Credibility Proof
SEO Credibility Proof of Lubrite Industries

The client is based in Phagwara (Punjab) and specialize in manufacturing Centralized Lubrication Systems and products related to lubrication. They are the leading ISI marked manufacturers and exporters of lubrication products like Hand Operated Lubricators, Rotary Pumps, Automatic Lubrication Pumps, Drip Feed Oiler etc. since 1974.

Their website was developed in basic HTML by someone in Ludhiana in 2005. Years passed by and their website never yielded anything to them as it was not optimized. It was not listed anywhere in Google’s top results. They just paid annual renewal fees to their website host for many years, when one fine day they approached us to get their website promoted.

We did a complete website audit before undertaking that SEO assignment. Website had plenty of on-page optimization and junk back-link issues. We slowly corrected all the issues and performed a steady white-hat SEO tactics to place their website where it belonged – i.e. – On top of Google and Yahoo search results.

Today that website is optimized for all the major keywords provided by the client (himself). Just as a proof for you, we have screen printed the result of one of their keyword ‘Hand operated lubricators’. Please click on the image to zoom. Today we are working on making this website responsive.


SEO Consultancy:

Top quality consultancy on SEO is almost mandatory for all clients (like Lubrite Industries or INDE) as some scenarios are to be made very clear to the client from the very beginning. Issues like Return on investment (ROI), duration of SEO, White-hat process, Content originality, Online reputation, SEO Challenges and Risks are to be made very clear to the client. Being ethical SEO experts and consultants we look and dig deep into ourselves. We do not cheat our customers. However some situations are hard to handle.

It becomes very challenging and almost impossible to treat all customers equally when they want us to compete for the same ‘Keywords’. Consider this, if you have 12 SEO clients from the hotel industry (for example) and all of them want to be on the first page of Google for a keyword ‘Best Hotel in XYZ city’. Only 10 of them can be on the first page of Google (and that too if there is absolutely no outside competition), what about the remaining 2 clients (who are also equally important). To handle such complex situations proper consultancy and guidance is given to the clients.

We at Taj Computers & Informatics render very detailed consultancy on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to our clients in India and overseas to help them relax make them understand about the ‘True Content Centric SEO’. We give them viable alternatives without losing any customers. You can feel safe with Taj Computers & Informatics of not being cheated.


Our SEO Clients:

We have a comprehensive list of SEO clients, however some of them are listed below:

    • Hi-Tech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (Punjab)
    • Rana Handicrafts International Pvt. Ltd. (Punjab)
    • Case Furniture (United Kingdom)
    • Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (Punjab)
    • PCP International Limited (Chandgarh)
    • INDE Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Karnataka)
    • PCL India (Punjab)
    • Daikin Thai (Thailand)
    • Rajshri Fibre Pvt. Ltd. (Punjab)
    • SCE India Ltd. (Madhya Pradesh)
    • Lubrite Industries (Punjab)
    • Sona Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Chandigarh)
    • Style Furniture (Canada)
    • PCL (Punjab)


Our SEO Charges:

SEO Experts in Chandigarh
SEO Experts in Chandigarh

We are the most affordable SEO and Online Reputation Management Service provider in India. Literally speaking our USP is our ‘Affordability’! You may call us at +91-9878-587-580 to get the best quote for your requirements or visit our SEO Packages page to see our prices.


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