Online sales are growing rapidly year over year and now more than ever is a great time to have an e-commerce website. While maintaining and optimizing an e-commerce website may be quite the assignment, taking little steps in the right direction will greatly help the overall improvement. Begin with small improvements you can tackle quickly. Then move on to more complex tasks that may require extra effort. Slowly, but surely, we will fine tune your website into an outstanding website.

At Taj Computers & Informatics we focus on the following key parameters as we dig deep into E Commerce Web Optimization:

  • Accommodate All Users Types
  • Use Captivating and Compelling Copy
  • Use Headings with a Punch
  • Take Advantage of Good Calls to Action
  • Provide Multiple Professional Product Images
  • Allow Users to Read and Leave Product Reviews
  • Lead Users through the Checkout Process
  • Develop Clean Easy to Use Forms
  • Provide Help and Support
  • Test Then Test and Test Some More

One of the magnificent things about designing an e-commerce website with us, is high degree of customizability. This is important when a project has specific requirements that might not be exactly common and therefore not natively supported. The shopping cart extension is no exception. We have some of the best e-commerce website templates fulfilling all your requirements.

We cover all the aspects of e-commerce and allow administrators to configure the various factors such as those of the e-shopping workflow, payment options of the products, and more. We offer the best theme customization for your business site, lending many features to it, which include managing customers, transactions and orders, so that every aspect of the shop is handled on-line for your ease and comfort.

Our objective is to lend extensibility, solidity, and dynamism to the custom business solutions with a customized theme design for almost every type of web site that you, our client requires.