Google Adwords is the best example of PPC

Pay-per-click in other words PPC is one of the fastest growing advertising campaign segment on the internet where race to reach the top of search results is heating up. PPC generates relevant online traffic to your website almost immediately. In simple words it is just an advertisement for which you pay if someone clicks on your advertisement and reach your website. A PPC program is actually geared towards search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These powerful search engines have patented their PPC programs. Just for an example, PPC program of Google is known as Google Adwords.

PPC is another alternative to driving traffic to your website apart from regular organic SEO. Though it will generate immediate traffic to your website however cost per click is very steep and even companies with large budget may feel the pinch.

For an optimum result in PPC advertising, SEO professionals or advertisers will carefully select keywords and keyword groups for which they will want their advertisement be displayed on the first page. Once the keywords are selected in close consultation with the client then PPC campaign can be started by contacting any of the desired search engine. By the end of every stipulated time period you will get a complete report from Google, Yahoo or Bing as how many clicks were made on your advertisement etc.

Even though pay per click is the leading way to drive direct traffic from Google/Yahoo to your website however there are other many other options of open to you.

Search Engine Optimization works towards improving your website ranking and your “free” organic search traffic, with PPC search engine marketing placement, you get any amount of traffic and first page search engine exposure. While good SEO is the best route to long-term online marketing success, an effectual PPC management service is a strong contender for an immediate Internet presence. PPC search engine marketing placement has much more control over results and it helps you generate traffic almost instantly.

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