Best Business eMail Service

Fast, reliable and affordable business eMail solution is a must for any business house today, particularly when businesses today rely heavily on email for central business processes like customer transactions, vendor relationships, internal and external communications.

We at Taj Computers & Informatics offer one of the best 100% email uptime guaranteed eProMail solution. We clearly understand the central importance of un-interrupted business emails
and requirement of high availability email systems. Our experts have engineered a robust and class leading email service for our valuable customers in India and overseas.
Our business email solution (eProMail) eliminates the need for businesses to manage their email in-house. When you outsource your email service to Taj Computers & Informatics, your emails are processed through our very secure and reliable load-balanced servers housed in data-centers throughout the United States.

Business Mail Solutions IndiaOur business email setup is backed by a very reliable automatic triple redundancy backup system. Just to keep everything on the safe side – at any point while using our ePromail service should any of your users accidentally delete an email or even an entire folder, it can easily be immediately restored by us. We ensure that all the backups are retained for two weeks so mails deleted within 13 days can be completely restored without any complications.
Our eProMail solution is very reliable and we use robust filters to address spam and to protect your inbox from viruses. We provide you with anytime-anywhere access through webmail clients and wireless devices. In simple words, we give you an efficient, “No Hardware, No Software” approach to managing company-wide email systems.

Cost :

  • Each 25GB mail account cost Rs.1,200/- for one year.

True Archive Service

True Archive ServiceThe maximum space allowed on epromail is 25 GB per mail-id and if you need more space, we recommend considering another email IDs and migrate mails to that or consider our class leading True Archiving service. With True Archiving, we store all email ID’s incoming and outgoing mails for a domain to a different location with no disk limit.

Growth of any organization leads to soaring volume of emails. As business mail volume increases, so does the requirement for storage space, data management, infrastructure and IT tech costs. With True Archiving, you can be assured that all emails ever sent or received by your organization are permanently archived for instant use any time. No additional hardware or software required. With True Archiving you can permanently store infinite number of emails on a Cloud based archive. There is practically NO limit to disk space.

True Archive service comes with a web based interface to access, manage, search and even export to PST from the archive. The true archive also gives complete peace of mind. Recover from crashes or disasters of any nature and never lose your email data and save costs on per mailbox storage as your mails would be stored in the archive and can be removed from the mailboxes at any time.

True Archive service also employs top notch security standards. In transit, the email is encrypted by SSL and once in the archive it is encrypted using AES-256 standards which is also used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Cost :

True Archive service is exclusively available only on the epromail platform and is charged Rs. 440/- per mailbox per month. True Archive Service is dedicated to an individual domain. That means all the email-ids on a particular domain will be put on True Archive.


Screenshots of our ePromail Service :