online-brand-buildingWe are among the first specialized group of professionals in Chandigarh, India to render Online Brand Building Services. The traditional way of performing product or business promotion on the internet using old fashioned way of SEO is now phased out by the ever-changing algorithms of all the major search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). You should forget about relying on the millions of back-links to your website and some scattered articles about your business or products here and there. On the contrary, these sorts of tactics also known as Black Hat Tactics are now counter productive.

We have seen millions of sites downgraded by all the major search engines during the past few months due to these Black-Hat-Tactics. Today, search engine algorithms are more realistic, intelligent and are focused on top quality contents, well defined structured websites, domain age, positive and negative vibes about the target website. It is like making each product, service and/or complete website a brand. To render such services, we have carefully planned and designed various Online Brand Building Programs that can be customized as per your requirements.


What is our Online Brand Building Service?

Ever wondered why your website is not yielding adequate sales volume despite a targeted SEO? You have nice products and services in your website, still no or very less sales volume. You are paying your SEO professionals a fortune and still very little or no improvement. Then, probably you are investing your time and money in the wrong direction!

Let me make you understand why your website is failing! Most of the direct response marketers (SEO professionals) are obsessed with generating leads (backlinks) and making the sale. So much so in fact that they often overlook the value of investing in Online Brand Building. Seriously, it is a big mistake in today’s competitive world!

In contrast to what some direct response marketers might think, investing in your ‘brand’ online is not just about spending your hard earned money on the brand. Instead, it is about building an entity that will resonate with your online customers and keep them coming back again and again—even when there’s no deal or promotion to entice them. Not only will building your brand online go a long way to boost awareness and build your reputation, but the more people are invested in your brand, the greater the chances are that they will actively seek it out and remain loyal.

In simple words, if you want to grow your business online, you first need to grow your brand!


Online Brand Building ServiceHow can we help you build your Online Brand?

Right from the basics of a professional logo, to an online store to a brand building exercise, we do it all! In addition to our core expertise, ie. ‘True SEO’ and Web Development we render the following services:

  • Creating an Online Presence for your Product or Service: First we will make your company attractive for the search engines so that shows up in SERP. It is an important first step as all companies and brands would like to be found on search engines and social medias.
  • Audience Research: We will do a comprehensive audience research for your brand and will draft a complete online brand development plan based on this research. This actually helps us understand the demography of your customer base and audience behavior towards your products/services.
  • Creating your Brand Voice: We will help keep create a unique message and make it consistent by using the same brand voice on every available platform.
  • Balance your Online Media Mix: We will plan and define a strategy as how many hours of work we will put in conventional SEO and how many hours in Social Media, personalized e-mailers etc.. 
  • Social Media Integration: We will promote your brand on various social medias by giving it a unique identity.
  • Build your Online Reputation: We will make a positive image about your brand by writing and spreading positive reviews on it in various platforms. This will help in strengthening your online brand image.
Online brand building service in Chandigarh
Leading online brand building service in Chandigarh


Our online brand building service include:

  1. Planning, designing and developing of Powerpoint presentations
  2. Planning, designing and developing of Voice-over presentations
  3. Designing and promotion of e-brochures
  4. Designing and promotion of brand using periodic newsletters
  5. Designing of beautiful content focused emailers
  6. Designing and development of SEO friendly landing pages for already existing websites.
  7. Designing and development of Facebook Advertisements
  8. Planning and implementing a complete Adwords program as per your budget
  9. Designing and development of Logos
  10. Designing and developing of SEO and visitor friendly websites
  11. Content enhancement service for websites, emails and newsletters
  12. Designing and development of Facebook, Google plus and Pinterest pages


Our online brand building service is customized as per the requirements of a client and does not come in out-of-the box type solution for all.


Our clients for Online Branding:

  • PCP International Limited, Sector 34, Chandigarh
  • The Achar, New Delhi
  • Sabziwala, Sector 26, Chandigarh
  • Homemade by Aruna, Sector 26, Chandigarh
  • Jigsaw Lamps, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Callphysio, Zirakpur, Punjab
  • Singh Construction Equipments, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh


To know more about our Online Brand Building Service and customized cost pertaining to your requirements you will need give me call for a one to one discussion:

Cal me personally at Mr. TMS Virdi (CEO), +91-9878-587-580.