Taj Computers & Informatics design and develop highly successful e-commerce solutions using class leading platform OpenCart. Our e-commerce solutions are fast, reliable, secured and very attractive with high conversion rate. We are dedicated to designing responsive e-commerce websites that are optimized for various devices like desktop, mobiles, tablets and laptops to maximize the conversion rate.

Irrespective of if you are just launching your new online store or you are looking to enhance your online sales, Taj Computers & Informatics can provide you with a complete e-commerce consultancy, website design and development service.


Basics of e-Commerce?

Simple, fast and affordable ecommerce solutions in Chandigarhe-Commerce is basically a distribution and marketing of products and services online. It occurs when people do their usual buying-and-selling fare through the Internet. It is, in other words, electronic business. It is when people start making business transactions using the Internet as the medium. It is all about ‘ebay’ and similar websites that offer a range of products and services that people usually obtain from land-based shops and market stalls.

When the Internet started making a significant change in people’s lifestyles, eCommerce also boomed. Soon enough, consumers from around the world realized the convenience that making online transactions bring for almost every kind of need that they have. Today, eCommerce is one of the most dynamic industries. And there is no better time than today to take advantage of the money you can make using eCommerce.


The Requirements

For an eCommerce venture, you need to be equipped with the right tools and the perfect understanding of how it actually works. Good thing, both can well be provided by reliable and credible service providers such as Taj Computers & Informatics. You can rest your worries and relax while we make eCommerce a profitable venture for you and your business. But just as you know, let us elaborate on the things that you need to be provided with for an up-and-running e-commerce website.


Our Complete Online Shopping Store Solution

eCommerce Website cost Rs.9999/- onward animation

As stated above, there is a special software (eCommerce platform) specifically designed to take care of your any online commerce need. We specialize in developing eCommerce websites using one such award winning software – OpenCart. This opensource platform creates online shopping solutions with cart management, dynamic full view of products on mouse-over, intensive catalog, easy navigation and intuitive product search. Currently we are using OpenCart version 2.0 to develop eCommerce websites.

We develop eCommerce websites in a way that in the long term any positive changes can easily be made and new techniques can be easily integrated into it. The marketing solutions are integrated in our e-Commerce websites so that websites ranks high in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Opencart is a feature-rich opensource platform that can be configured as per your requirements to handle inventory management, discount coupons, secure credit card processing, newsletters, account books, customer database and back support among others.

Finally, OpenCart is totally reliable (secured) and dependable with over 7 million sites running on it. It is user-friendly and never give your consumers a difficult time in seeing product descriptions, placing orders, and posting payments. As a cherry on top, there are plethora of OpenCart pre-designed templates available to  best suit your business theme making the development process a breeze – Click here to see some of the themes that we can customize for your requirements..


Following are our key-steps to developing an easy to navigate yet secured online shopping solution.

    1. We work in tandem with our customer and let them refine their options. This not only saves the development time but also ensure that the categories are defined as per their requirements.
    2. We let our customers define their navigation requirements. They have their own ideas about what products to highlight and how that product should be navigated.
    3. We keep the ‘Search bar’ within easy reach so that the visitors do not have to search here and there to look for any specific product.
    4. In our design process we ensure that the ‘Out of Stock’ item is prominently marked. A visitor do not want to waste time looking for a product that is not available on your online store.
    5. We ensure that the top quality unique photographs are used for each product. This not only makes an e-Commerce website look good, but also help in high ranking on various search engines.
    6. We ensure that ‘Add-to-cart’ is always visible to the online customers. This gives them a clear view of their selected (added) products in their online basket and makes their decision much easier.
    7. We ensure that the online shopping store is easy to navigate. This gives online customers a feel good factor and make them a return visitor.
    8. We ensure to mention the delivery charges upfront instead of adding it during checkout procedure. This develops a good reputation for your online shopping store.
    9. We question every single pixel during our design process. We make sure that any unnecessary gloss on an e-Commerce store is subdued to make everything balanced and visitor friendly.
    10. We ensure that every online store that we develop is search engine friendly. This saves a lot of money for our clients when they opt for a targeted SEO effort.
    11. We ensure to give your online store an individual personality so that it can be easily remembered by your visitors and stands out in a crowd of online stores. This improves the chances of making them repeat visitors to your online store.
    12. We keep product page very clean so that a visitor do not see many new things.
    13. We also give creative variations to display your products.
    14. We ensure to integrate social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to your online store so that every new product or price change that you do is instantly visible to your social media friends.
    15. We ensure to add a quick preview feature to your shopping store so that your online customer can see your major products in a flash. This reduces his download time and also reduces the use of your bandwidth significantly. Also helps in long-term SEO.
    16. As a standard procedure we install Newsletter subscription feature so that your customers can be kept up to date who are not in your social media list.
    17. We make check-out procedure clean and distraction free. This ensures that your online customer is 100% focused during the most important step in an eCommerce transaction.
    18. We make your contact details very clean and visible all the time. This gives a sense of security to your online customers.
    19. We give you ample bandwidth to help your website handle any amount of traffic.
    20. We also undertake annual maintenance contract on a hourly basis.


There are few remaining points that we chose to cover in our FAQs section (as below).


FAQs about our eCommerce Services

Our OpenCart eCommerce Website Development ProcessUsing a premium theme from our gallery of selected pre-defined layouts we can customize any type of eCommerce Store for your business. Let me clear some more questions that you may have:

  • How much does it cost to setup an eCommerce Store?
    A complete eCommerce store can be setup by Taj Computers & Informatics for as little as Rs.9,999/- (using a free theme). For a customized online store, please call +91-987-8587-580 or Request for a Quote.


  • How many days does it take to setup an eCommerce Store?
    It generally takes 10-15 days to setup a fully functional eCommerce Store, however the duration may vary with the complexity of the task.


  • What do I have to give you to develop an eCommerce Store for my business?
    • About us information about your company and key members.
    • Testimonials with pictures (if possible).
    • Products and their details in a tabular format.
    • Pictures of the products (professionally clicked).
    • Pictures for the banners. If you want we can purchase it from the premium stock for you.
    • Contact details.
    • Consent on a Payment Gateway
    • Refund Policies (if any).
    • Privacy Policies (if any).
    • Terms and Conditions (professionally drafted by a qualified lawyer/ accountant if possible).
    • Consent on domain and hosting.


  • What are the features of our eCommerce Store?
    Unlimited Categories, Unlimited Products, Unlimited Manufacturers, Multi-Language, Automatic Image Resizing, Multi-Currency, Product Reviews, Product Ratings, Downloadable Products, Multiple Tax Rates, Related Products, Shipping Weight Calculation, Unlimited Information Pages, On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Discount Coupon System, Backup & Restore Tools, Printable Invoices, Sales Reports, Home page slider, Ability to print shipping labels, Custom designed quality rating systems to calculate quality score for products, Create visual representation of ratings categories, Automated pricing for mass market products based on MSRP & quality score, Ability to override automated price for older or rare products, Product search and browsing, Request for delivery, Online support system for customer service, Product inquiries, Registration & login, SEO module, Events calendar with location-based alerts, Alert emails for sales, Featured product and best selling products at home page, Recommended and related products to for suggestive selling, Integration with WordPress for blogging, Ability to offer deals and promotions.


  • What payment gateways will I get?
    We are offering all types of payment options COD, Paypal and CCAvenue/ PayU payment gateways.


  • How to order an eCommerce website?
    50-percent-as-advance-amount-for-ecommerce-websiteJust mail us your detailed requirements at [email protected] and we will get back to you immediately.


  • How to pay for the eCommerce Store?

    Pay 50% initial by online payment or Cheque/NEFT. Balance 50% when your site goes live on our test server.
    Beneficiary Name : TAJ COMPUTERS
    Beneficiary Account Number: 620220100000560 (Current Account)
    Beneficiary Bank Name and Address: Bank of India, S.C.O.290 – 291, Sector 32-D Chandigarh, India
    IFSC Code:- BKID0006202 
    Branch Code: 006202


Some facts that might make your decision easier: