Online grocery store responsive website template.

An online grocery store (grocery website) should be simple, attractive and very easy to use as most of the visitors are likely to be house wives with limited or intermediary knowledge of internet browsing. A grocery store website should be designed in a similar style as a real physical grocery store. Just like a real grocery store (Kirana shop/store) where all the items are displayed upfront an online store should also display all the major products at once. This will give your website visitor a very strong impact and will help build your reputation as a visitor friendly online grocery store.

By displaying all the major products (like Dal, Atta, Chawal, Masaale, Sauce and Achars) upfront you are actually helping your visitor decide on products that he/she might have missed otherwise. It is a mind game and very successful when you want to sell products that are in the subconscious mind of a visitor. I certainly believe that a website of such a category should give a strong impact by displaying most of the products upfront. This may slow down the downloading of your front page to some degree, however it will overall have a better impact on the visitors. If you let other products be inserted into right categories then you can forget about impressing search engines like Google. If a grocery store website is designed with such fundamentals in mind, Google will automatically take care of its ranking also.

Say no to all those designers who will give you theories of easy to navigate and easy to find products. Come on, who has a time to traverse though your website for grocery. The fundamental concept behind an online grocery store should be KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). A properly laid out single window type website will work wonders for you and less important products can be placed sub categories etc.

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