We design and develop very beautiful websites for hotels.

Ever since our prime minister Shri Narinder Modi launched a drive to promote tourism in India, the need for interactive, beautiful and visitor friendly websites for the hospitality industry has risen by many folds. Every hotel owner wants to have a user friendly and intuitive website design for their hotels. The design of the website or web portal for the hotel should be lavish so that it attracts the visitors on the first go. It should make a solid impact when a visitor sees the website. It should be designed in such a way that the bounce rate is very low or negligible. People should be engrossed to see what each and every page holds for them.

Every website for a hotel or hospitality industry should adhere to the following properties:

Navigation :

It is one of the key aspect in a hotel website. Navigation should be very simple and self explanatory so that the visitor do not have to see here and there to search for what he is looking for. Some key aspects like the availability /type of the rooms, cost, B&B etc. should be clear right from the very start.

Speed of loading:

There is a cut throat completion in the hospitality industry. If your website loads slow, then you are out. It may be challenging for the website developers to design a website that is both lavish and loads fast. A slow website will give a very bad impression to your website visitor. So it has to be really fast (for that, you may have to shed some extra money but that is worth it!).

Emotional impact:

The website should be enhanced with excellent photography. An emotional touch to your website through right photography may just do the trick. People won’t read what other people may have said about your hotel, but a single emotional picture may just do the trick for your business.

Social Media integration:

It should be made mandatory by the client that designed do inegrate social media to your website – so that a visitor to your hotel can share your website like with ease on his social media id. It is one of the hottest and most successful business promotion option available.

best-price-offerCreativity counts:

You should hire some creative people who can give you some unique ideas of web designs.A creative website design would go a long way when it comes to SEO. Google and Yahoo loves to see some creative websites and reward them with much higher ranking.

Mobile and Responsive design:

People love to make reservation and cancellation through their mobiles and tablets. So your website should be 100% responsive to enable each and every type of users on the net be able to do reservations etc.

We at Taj Computers & Informatics are perfectly capable of designing and delivering such kind of websites. Should you have a requirement for a website for hotel, then please contact us at +91-9878-587-580 today and we will design a website for you that will market itself.