Responsive Astrology Website
Responsive Astrology Website for a Rajasthan based astrologer

Astrology websites are mushrooming all over the internet and most of them without any clear direction. Generally it is a fault of Web developer who do not guide their client as what would a common visitor want. They just suggest to copy a style of a renowned astrologer or a palmist. This is probably not the right way to address the requirement of a client.

Each astrologer or a palmist is different from each other. Their practical experience would have told them something different from a contemporary forecasting methods, so how can they both have similar predictions. Not possible.

A web developer or project manager has to understand the requirement of a client very deeply. Let the astrologer speak his mind. The more you let him speak, the better you would understand his view point and his overall requirements. Every astrologer interpret planetary combination differently based on their own experience, so a project manager has to understand that his results would be very different from a general forecast.

Astrologers / forecasters generally requires a low-medium budget websites and would demand content writing skills of a web developers also as they might not be very good in English themselves. So be prepared for low profit web designing.

Some of the basic requirements for an astrology website would be:
    • Astrological calculations
    • Predictions (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily)
    • Match-making
    • Remedies
    • Stones
    • Horoscope
    • Registration of client for personalized dealing
    • Payment acceptance (from Paypal and other premium payment gateways)
    • Child name suggestion
    • Business recommendations

best-price-offerThe output printouts from a website should be designed in such a way that each page is neatly indented with proper side margins for binding etc. A neat printout from a astrology website is one big plus.

In addition to this, an astrology website need to be aesthetically developed keeping soul of this immaculate science intact. Colors should be soothing. Website should be fast downloading and SEO friendly. It is very important that the astrologer is highlighted to the maximum extent possible.

If a astrology website is designed and developed keeping above mentioned points in mind, it would be a great success. Call us now to discuss all the other possibilities to make a money spinning astrology website for you. Call us at +91-9878-587-580.