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We design/ re-design websites that are responsive, attractive, interactive, affordable, visitor and search engine friendly to the core using Dieter Rams Principle. Our design and development services are for budget conscious consumers who want professional quality websites at very low cost. With a rich experience of over 18 years (since 1998), we have streamlined our design and development process in such a way that we could achieve incredible web design results for our clients within their tight budgets. We offer ‘Value for Money’ websites starting from as little as Rs.4,500/- (Our web design packages).

It was in the year 1998 when we started developing websites and since then we have slowly but steadily developed over 550 beautiful websites and portals. We are one of the early bird in this business. We feel proud when our clients in India and overseas openly praise us for our design services.

Using latest available design tools combined with our in-house applications like Jet-Set-SEO, TCI-Page-Optimizer we can craft self explanatory websites for small / large businesses, corporate houses, individuals and societies.


We design following types of websites:

  • click-here-for-web-design-chargesSTATIC WEBSITES

These are very simple websites that do not change the contents and layouts every time a request is made to the web server. These are predefined websites with predefined contents that do not require periodic changes. Static websites are designed using website editors and are very simple, secured, less prone to crashes (as there are no back-end databases), faster and very easily visible to various search engines. Down side being they are very difficult to update by the clients.Interestingly, even today the majority of websites are still static websites.

If you are looking for a cheaper website for your business then static website is still the best option. We can design a static website for Rs.4,500/-. You will be amazed that there are literally millions of free website templates (formats) that can be customized to best match your business requirements.

Example of a static website | Our Website Design Packages | Free Website Templates



These type of websites can adjust their contents and appearance according to the interactions from a user and data supplied. One of the best examples of a dynamic website is a News website. These type of websites are changed constantly in terms of contents and its looks. A dynamic websites is designed using a CMS (Content Management System) platform (software). There are many type of CMS Platforms available like WordPress, Jooma, Drupal and Alfresco etc. A CMS application works in tandem with back-end database to store, display and manipulate data according to the requirement of a user. Dynamic website is one of the hottest subject in the world of website designing.

We specialize in designing and developing a dynamic website using WordPress. It is a clear leader in CMS race and has plenty of plugins that makes the development process simple and fast. Our design charges for a dynamic website starts at Rs.7500/- only.

Example of a Dynamic Website | Our Website Design Packages



Today there is a new buzz word in the web design industry – Fully Responsive Web Design. A fully responsive website can be a static (HTML5 + CSS based) or a dynamic website (WordPress or Joomla based) that has an ability to transform itself according to a user interface. This means a website will change its size, contents, menus and layout according to the device on which it is seen. It will adjust itself according to Mobile, Tab, Desktop and/or Laptop. A true responsive website should also be able to gracefully degrade itself for the older browsers and should easily adapt to new browsers without any fuss. Since Google and other search engines are giving more importance to on-the-move internet technology, the importance of a responsive website just cannot be ignored. I am not sure how much weight Google is giving to the responsive websites but still it is a good idea to have your website designed on a responsive platform.

Example of a Responsive Website. | Our Website Design Packages



How can you keep your business open 24 x 7 x 365 and generate substantial income even when you are sleeping? By having an online e-Commerce store. We design attractive, secured and SEO friendly eCommerce websites. Our e-Commerce stores are developed using SEO friendly eCommerce platform – OpenCart. We are currently using OpenCart 2.0 to design and develop beautiful fast downloading online shopping stores. Read more about our eCommerce website solutions.

Example of eCommerce Website | Premium eCommerce Website Templates


The USP of Taj Computers & Informatics is its affordability and very down to earth web design charges that are among the most competitive in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula (the tri-city). By keeping our over-head expenses to a bare minimum, we are able to pass on the benefits to our elite customers in India and overseas.


Website development services:

We Design Responsive Websites
A very beautiful responsive website designed for Rana Handicrafts International –

In addition to our class leading website design services, our core expertise is in Website Development. It is much more broader term than Web Designing. Let me explain you a bit further about our Web Development Services.

There are various types of websites like eCommerce websites (online shopping stores similar to ebay), business websites, custom web applications (like online inventory or accounts management) etc. Website development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

We are among the best in website development business by offering effective, strategic and creative web development services.

We specialize in affordable and customer-friendly eCommerce web development, corporate identity and custom graphics. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients by providing extraordinary customer support. We maintain a very low overhead that enable us to deliver cost-effective, high-quality services! We have built a reputation as a budget-minded web development company that really does care about the success of our clients.


Components of our website design and development:

Our designers and developers are updated with the latest coding standards and technology innovations in the desktop and mobile medium. This helps us build websites that are highly engaging, beautiful, fast downloading, secure and in par with the best in the world.

We also render premium quality web design services. If you allow your budget to increase, then we can cut any type of graphic file into a dynamic (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal oriented) website . These types of websites are very beautiful, customized to the core and best in class.

For our website design packages please click here.

Some of the things that we do in the process of designing and developing a website:

    1. Graphics design
    2. Animation
    3. Photography / Logo Designs
    4. Audio & video
    5. Customizing CMS
    6. Web page coding and back-end Programming (using PHP)
    7. Back-end application development (including testing and debugging to ensure error free operation for the visitors)
    8. Web Optimization for a SEO (contents, graphics, info-graphics, videos, sound files, presentations etc.)
    9. Website Maintenance
    10. Copy writing and Content Development


Website re-design services:

Website Redesign ServiceWebsite redesigning is a very specialized job, and is much much harder than creating a brand new website from the scratch. Here, the objective is not only to satisfy the client, but also better their existing website. We conduct multiple sessions of discussions with the clients to better understand their expectations from a new website. Also, what new features they would like us to add to their new website; based on these rounds of comprehensive discussions we draft a detailed proposal for an attractive and an impacting website for their business.

In the late 90′s and in the early years of last decade we created websites using plain HTML and over the period of time with new technologies emerging every other day, these websites are slowly getting obsolete. We are approached by the clients in India and overseas to redesign their websites with more modern technologies and attractive looks.

We have done the redesigning work for over 200 clients using responsive HTML5, WordPress and Joomla. We know that this is a never ending job, as technology change, we have to bring in the new technologies to help client achieve their online objectives. Our re-designed websites are more attractive, interactive, SEO friendly, fast downloading and responsive.


Website maintenance service:

Websites require regular and timely maintenance which is a critical task that many website owners ignore either due to the cost involved in it or they simply do not have time. It is not the case when you have a website maintenance agreement with us. We ensure that your website is updated on a regular basis with the latest and interesting contents. This ensures that your website remains competitive and search engine ranking stays on top. In a regular website maintenance contract you can enjoy our following services.Website maintenance service

    • Website content updates
    • Content development and rewriting
    • Image alteration and image additions
    • Image editing and optimization
    • Image changing
    • Video additions and embedding
    • Change of web page or website layout
    • Website error finding and debugging
    • Local SEO updates
    • Addition, deletion and alteration of web pages
    • Regular website and address backups
    • Addition of required plugins
    • Social media integration and social media updates
    • Additions and editing of widgets
    • CSS correction and optimization
    • Correction of Headers and Footers as per the latest HTML standards
    • Blog and Newsletter additions
    • Change in landing pages

Once you contact us for a website maintenance contract we will open a ticket for you immediately with 1 hour of free update. We generally charge on a quarterly basis @ Rs.4000/- (for 15 hours) of work. However, if you recruit our services for one complete year, then overall cost may be substantially reduced. Contact us at +91-98785-857580 for a customized website maintenance contract quote.




Website design, development and eCommerce price packages and templates:


Extras from our blog:

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Please note:

We use freeware tools to design and develop websites, that’s why we are able to keep the design charges to bare minimum. Since these tools are free and can give professional quality touch with a careful usage. Also, we put our company link at the bottom of every website that we create and pass-on the benefit of Rs.2,000/- to the customer directly. All rates mentioned in this website are discounted charges.