SEO professionals are doomed without additional skill set

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Skill development for SEO professionals‘Skill Development’ of youth in India is among the top most priorities for the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In his every speech he has stressed the need for skill development. Any professional skill set is important to earn handsomely.

Most of the SEO professionals in India and overseas are like sitting ducks. With search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) giving more and more importance to the quality of contents puts a very big question mark on the future of SEO professionals (particularly in India). Gone are the days when SEO professionals were in high demand. Today SEO professionals with an ability of creating numerous backlinks, artificial social media fans, junk press releases and articles are nothing more than data entry operators or typists for many SEO companies. They are considered as liabilties on the companies rather than assets.

We at Taj Computers & Informatics receive resumes of so called SEO professionals / SEO executives on a daily basis. Either they are not anymore required in their companies or they are not productive. The candidates who approach us with their resumes do not even qualify for an interview. The reason being, they do not have a specific skill set to back their SEO abilities.

To give you a simple example, Taj Computers & Informatics would absorb an SEO professional who has traditional SEO abilities PLUS in-depth knowledge of a particular subject like Electronic Technology, Garment industry, Manufacturing industry, Hospitality industry etc. SEO ability PLUS a perfect knowledge of a particular subject is a lethal combination. We need those kinds of ‘True SEO Professionals’.

SEO executives are advised to sharpen up their skills in a subject of their interest. This will ensure that their career in this cutthroat industry is prolonged and growth oriented.

The importance of back-links is slowly diminishing as more and more websites are only giving ‘nofollow’ backlinks. High PR websites like Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon and other classified sites etc. now give ‘nofollow’ backlinks only, so you cannot expect SEO juices to flow to your website. These types of tricks to fool search engines are finished. Think about developing top quality contents for your website and let the search engines do rest.

Prime Ministers’ vision is very much valid for the SEO professionals in India. Search engines are changing and now it’s the time for you to change with them.

TMS Virdi (CEO – Taj Computers & Informatics)
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