Tackling over-optimization penalties by Google

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tackling over optimization
Tackling over-optimization

I have seen many so called SEO professionals in Chandigarh panicking when they are penalized by the Google for over-optimizing their website. No matter what, never panic when Google penalize your website. There are many professionals like you who mistakenly or purposefully over-optimized their or their client’s website. You should be on-guard 24/7 while doing SEO and should focus on three things from now onward.

First, monitor your analytics on regular basis and make sure your SEO professional is also doing so. Any time you or your SEO professional change something in your website or there is a data refresh, it is possible for the Google crawlers and these new algorithms (like Panda and Penguin) to re-rank your site much lower. You want to catch that immediately so you can fix the problem, whether it is over optimization or anything else.

Second, try to focus on offering good contents on your website and building quality links with others in the industry in such a way that you are helping users (visitors to your website). Rule of thumb from now onwards is, customer-centric SEO will almost never raise over-optimized triggers at Google or Yahoo. So be natural and do not overboard your website with lot of keywords.

Third, cut the pure SEO white-hat strategies. For example, paid link exchanges at high volumes is a strategy that Google put on the shortlist of things it wanted to penalize. The more a strategy is basically a direct link between money and rankings without a user-centered stop, like useful content, along the way; the more likely it is Google will penalize you.

Today, over optimization penalties are a reality. But they should only affect a very small number of websites that aren’t actually engaging in mildly questionable rank farming strategies. As long as you have a basic idea of what could cause the penalty and are keeping an eye on ranking and analytics, you should be fine.

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