Un-ethical practices of SEO in Punjab

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Un-ethical seo practice in Punjab

Search Engine Optimization is a buzz word… Everybody and anybody on the internet, in business circle, in the library, in the house, in the kitchen, under the table is talking about it.India is a one of the main contributor to this globally accepted phenomenon to promote a website to such a level where it could yield some output for the business or for an individual. Yes, there are companies like Taj Computers and Informatics (netUP) who can use a set of rules immaculately to improve your wesbite’s search ranking on some of the most famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. And… there are companies can take you for a ride and you will not know it.

The Problem in Punjab (northern state of India) is quite serious when you look at the entrepreneurs who are being cheated in the name of SEO by so called web developers and SEO companies. Most of the business owners in Punjab are not qualified to understand the intricate details of SEO.

Let me give you a real life example of my close relative. One of my relative, Mandy who is BE in mechanical Engineering is into making Lubrication pumps, he has a website for his company since 2006. This website is done by a company in Ludhiana and interestingly the developer who made his website comes every year and takes $350 from him. He told Mandy, that his company is giving 50000 hits every month to his website so that it comes in the top list of search engines. Funny part is that he has been buying this this idiotic explanation and continue to keep his website up with him. Keeping a website  like a status symbol and it is irrelevant to them if a website yields anything or not. My neighbor has a website, so should I is the mentality in Punjab.

Mandy only revealed me his story only when I asked him if has a website. Having analysed his website through Alexa and through the control panel web statistic information, I was SEday for many many months. His website was not there in Alexa.

Further, his website is static and is on a Linux based server with 20MB web space. For this much, we at Taj Computers and Informatics charge US$ 30 or even less annually. Even though I have guided him, I am still in doubt if he would heed my words

I just wanted to say, for these Web Companies ignorance of a client is a bliss to them. These SEO and Web Companies are just tarnishing the image of all those companies who are seriously rendering quality service in this business.

There are many many business entrepreneur like Mandy in India who are hooked to these crooks. I wonder when that day will come when these people in India will start to realise that throwing money in dust bin will never yield you business like China, where when one company develops a website calculates Return of Investment before hand.

Some strict laws and stringent implementation of these laws will only be the right thing in India to curb this unethical practices in the SEO industry.

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