Unraveling Google and Yahoo (Part 1)

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unraveling-google-yahooGoogle will always surprise you, particularly if you begin to think that you know everything about its search algorithms. After every few days, there is some sort of a change in the way it shows its results. It is not visible if you are a common Google user. However, if you are a seasoned SEO expert then you can see the behavior pattern of Google using Webmaster Tools.

For a long time now (since 2007) there is only one significant factor in Google search algorithms that is kept constant.  THE CONTENTS! Google is now strictly following the concept of KISS (for the Contents). Google says, ‘Contents’ should be designed for the common search engine visitors and not to impress the Google. If your contents are visitor specific, then it is more likely that you will be placed much better in various search engines.

Till recently, I was confused with the way Yahoo was indexing and ranking its pages. As the pages that I used to optimize for Google never appeared anywhere on Yahoo. So had to use some different tactics to get them ranked on Yahoo. Don’t know if you people noticed it or not, but there is a significant change in the way Yahoo is showing its search results. Finally, Yahoo is falling in line with Google to show its results.

There is an interesting behavior pattern of Google and Yahoo. The more you check your website on free SEO tools available on the internet,  the more the chances that your website will rank lower on the search results. Why? Because, these so called SEO tools will keep a copy of your website which Google and Yahoo will consider as ‘Duplicate Content!’. Got it? So keep yourself safe!

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